News & Events

Feb 05-16

Fab Feb: 5th to 16th February

Feb 5th:   A lecture series by Ar. Rafiq Azam and inauguration of the faculty Art Exhibition

Feb 5th to 8th:   Exhibition of Visual Arts

Feb 6th:   Launch of 100 water-days: Save the Baoli, A talk by Victoria Lautman: The vanishing stepwells of India

Feb 8th to March 5th:   Exhibition of Golak Khandual’s work

Feb 12th:   Discussion on Architecture Photography, Master class on Architecture and photography by Sabastian Cortes

Feb 13th:   A talk by Paul Clemence: 10 slides 10 minutes. Panel discussion with Paul Clemence, Prof Roger Connah, Dr Vibhuti Sachdev

Feb 15th:   JKC Memorial Lecture by Prof Roger Connah

Feb 16th:   Alumni Connect and METASSAA: Cultural event.