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Sushant School of Art and Architecture and SSAA FacTOR, its unique Faculty Training Orientation and Research Programme announce COLLISION 2020 - a platform for disagreements (on various issues related to the disciplines of Architecture, Planning, and Design) where we exercise our right to express, fight, combat, question, oppose, challenge and resist preset notions, dogmas, and even linear thought processes.

COLLISION 2020 addresses the ever-present academic debate in architecture about our responsibility towards the industry, and whether our graduates are ready to take on positions of responsibility in practices and in projects in the real world. In two online sessions, we question: WHAT IF DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION WERE THE SAME?

Argument #1:

What: Does design serve construction or vice versa?

Who: A face-off between Prof Sanjay Prakash and Dr Hocine Bougdah

When: 11.00am – 1.00pm, 22 June 2020

Where: Google meet link - https://meet.google.com/qpw-aqgg-jqd

Argument #2:

What: Constructing Buildings or Making Architecture: Where is the debate on the production of Architecture?

Who: A face-off between Suhasini Ayer and Amin Nayyar

When: 2.30 – 4.30pm, 22 June 2020

Where: Google meet link - https://meet.google.com/oow-ovnb-pkg


Join through Google Meet or tune into Sushant University website for Youtube Live Streaming @