About Course

This 3- credit certiöcate course is designed for the better understanding of vision and visual needs of the pediatric population. The course is targeted at eye care practitioners and/or a healthcare professionals who are involved in the care of children with special needs and cortical visual impairment. This is an upskilling course which trains the eye care professional beyond the curriculum of optometry or ophthalmology . It includes online dedicated sessions followed by hands on training at Narayana Nethralaya Eye Institute, Banglore.


To outline, illustrate and demonstrate the concepts of pediatric vision and its assessment, and cortical visual impairment to eye care practitioners and/ or healthcare professionals involved in the care of children.


  • Students pursuing Bachelor’s in Optometry – Third year and internship
  • Diploma in Optometry ( with minimum 5 years of experience in hospital)
  • Bachelor’s in Optometry or above
  • Ophthalmology residents
  • Individuals from other relevant disciplines viz., Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy, etc., with above mentioned educational qualifications in their respective streams
1 Introduction: Normal development of a child (Pre, peri, and postnatal) Understanding Brain - Structure and Functions Dr. Rashmin Gandhi 2 hours
2 Developmental milestones and Red flags Ms. Puja Sarbajna/
Dr. Rashmin Gandhi
2 hours
3 Understanding children with special needs Developmental Assessment Mrs. Ritu Chauhan 2 hours
4 The art of history taking Torch light examination for Visual assessment Ms. Puja Sarbajna
Dr. Rashmin Gandhi
2 hours
5 Vision Assessment Fictional Vision Assessment Ms. Priyanka Ghosh
Ms. Puja Sarbajna
2 hours
6 Cognitive Vision Assessment Cortical Visual Impairment assessment (Color Vision, Contrast Sensitivity, Visual Field) Ms. Puja Sarbajna 2 hours
7 Refraction and Pediatric prescription guidelines Prof Monica Chaudhry 2 hours
8 Light reflex tests for Ocular alignment Ms. Subhashini
Dr. Rashmin Gandhi
2 hours
9 Overall assessment of a child/EUA/Common eye conditions in the pediatric age group Dr Nilutparna Deori 2 hours
10 Retinal Imaging for children with CVI MRI & EEG Interpretation Dr. AnandVinekar
Ms. Puja Sarbajna
2 hours
11 Dispensing of spectacles in children Mr. Prithwis Manna 2 hours
12 Multi-disciplinary approach in children with special vision needs Ms. Nandini Kulkarni &
Dr. Kiran Murti
2 hours
13 Intervention principles Low vision assessment for children with special needs Ms. Puja Sarbajna 2 hours
14 Intervention: Case-based approach Ms. Puja Sarbajna 2 hours
15 Panel discussion Available speakers of the previous talks 2 hours


Please note that all the above-mentioned lectures are to be conducted ONLINE

  • It is a three credit course -two credits of lectures and tutorials followed by 60 hours (1 credit of Practical training)
  • Timing: Every Saturday, 17:00-19:00



  • Ms. Puja Sarbajana
  • Prof. Monica Chaudhry
  • Ms. Subhashini B
  • Dr. Sumit Grover
  • Ms. Roshni Sengupta


  • Ms. Srishti Kapoor
    M OPTOM önal year , SU
  • Ms. Anuja Sharma
    M OPTOM önal year , SU
  • Ms. Srishti Ghosal
    Narayana Nethralaya


  • One written assessment online at the end of each webinar (via google forms)
  • Case discussions (Details will be provided during the course)
  • Clinical Assessment - post practical demonstrations/contact sessions
  • Final assessment which includes both theory and practical components
  • It is mandatory to submit at least 2 cases observed and examined by the candidate/trainee Candidates will have access to attend Narayana Nethralaya, Bangalore for practical learning


  • For practitioners/Residents 3000 INR
  • For students 2000 INR
  • Discount for bulk registrations can be considered

Contact sessions incollaboration with Narayana Nethralaya

Candidates shall have to pay separate fees of Rs 2000 to NN (Bangalore) for the practical training. Accommodation and travel shall have to be borne by the candidate

  • 30 hours of practical training at NN + 30 hours of self-guided learning at their respective centres : for individuals who are already in the öeld of handling individuals with CVI/ paediatric optometry/ ophthalmology and other relevant disciplines
  • The duration of practical hours can be extended for individuals who are new to the subject .Will be decided by the faculty team
  • NN shall facilitate and provide the contacts of the centers for the registered individuals at mutually convenient schedules
  • Demonstration and contact sessions shall be conducted at Gurugram campus of Sushant University for those who are unable to attend the Bangalore sessions. This will however not include hands on clinical guidance
  • The approval of candidates for the Bangalore session will be at the discretion of the NN, Bangalore faculty

Certification without attending practical/contact session

The certificate of attendance shall be given to those who successfully attend the on live sessions and have pass the on line assessment after the webinars and will be accredited to be 2 credits

The certification of successful completion of the entire course (3 credits) shall be given only after the completion of the theoretical (2 credits, as mentioned above) + practical attendance and assessment (1 credit)