Why is town planning important?

Whenever we do some important work in our life, we plan it out first- the important parts, the steps, everything; so why not plan something which increases the quality of life of people, protects history, provides safety and creates a more functional environment.

Since the Vedic era, town planning has always played an essential role. The remains of Indus valley civilization still show how cities were planned during those times and the differences it holds from today’s planning. The sewage and housing systems, transport network and even the land use was all so well made because of Town planning.

While planning a town; each node, junction, street, and every single patch of land is kept in mind. Even the nature of the population living in that particular area is studied through various surveys. Thus, the plan made is in the best interest of people. Planning is done in such a way that there is minimum traffic congestion or water clogging problems, and the road network is made such that it connects the whole town, minimising the distances and making it safe for people to travel.

The town is provided with health care facilities, entertainment needs, basic amenities, etc. The provision of small and big parks, open areas etc. not only gives the residents an environmentally friendly place to live but also caters to the environmental needs of the area  to a certain extent, which is the need of the hour.

In an unplanned town, problems such as traffic congestion, water logging, and land shortage along with absence of open area, educational institutions and healthcare facilities nearby can be faced. But when planned efficiently, logically and statistically, all these issues can be avoided and maximum comfort can be provided to the people while attaining sustainability.

Thus, now the Government of India is also taking active efforts in the same direction realizing the importance of planning, for the betterment of its people. School of Planning and Development at Sushant University, one of the best private universities in North India, offers various courses in Planning and Development, wherein the students are taught that doing good academically is not enough, but to apply this knowledge in the advancement of the society should be their ultimate goal. Together, we strive to edify students for excellence in their service to the community.