As we move from school to college, we can see a lot of things changing; a lot of students miss the school classmates whereas many are excited to go on a different yet exciting environment. You may have to go away from your friends and family for some time. You are going to learn more than what you will learn by staying at home. So you are going to face a lot of good or problematic things there which you may not have faced till now. But, don’t worry you will learn something from all of your experiences. So, here are some common problems which are faced by almost all the freshers and how to manage them.


Academic problems:

  • Time management also becomes one of the main problems when they move from school to college.
  • Many of the students may see other students at a different level in their profession/studies, that they may have some extra knowledge about things and maybe doing any additional study, this may decrease the confidence in the student, they may get confused about what they should do or what not.
  • When a student returns home after being at Duke, you may notice some changes. Most students experience a new level of independence while away at college. Structures and rules at home may seem different now.

Some non-academic problems:

  • You will often miss the family and friends that you grew up with.
  • Your life is less structured than it was in high school and, in fact, less structured than it will be when you graduate and get a regular job. That’s often hard to cope with. Too many choices, time management issues can lead to a lot of stress besides the standard academic stress levels.
  • For some students, making friends is also difficult. They can’t trust anyone that easily and if they do so it can hurt them. Some students are very shy too.
  • You have to learn to get along with one (sometimes several) roommates that you meet when you arrive on campus.)Sometimes there are incompatibilities that require careful management.


  • You can fix a time for all the activities, not only studying but also discovering the environment outside the campus, you should do some fun too, as college life is not all about studies.
  • It is a kind of freedom which helps you to discover more things. You should participate in as many activities as you can. As I have seen many of the students having stage fear, especially introverts. They should try to participate more. This will help them gain some confidence in interacting with more people so that they could learn more. It may be a wonderful experience for you if you can handle that carefully and smartly. Sushant University, one of the top private universities in North India offers you ample opportunities to make this transition from school to college a seamless one.

Ms. Yashvi Singh

B.Tech CSE (AI & ML)

School of Engineering and Technology

Sushant University