COVID-19 has casted an impact on every sector of the economy. Like every other industry, the hotel industry too has been greatly affected by the ongoing pandemic. The hotel industry has to comply with the new norms encircling public safety and hygiene, as ordered by the government, owing to the Coronavirus outbreak. The scale of implementation of the mentioned rules and regulations is mammoth in the hotel industry when compared to its counterparts.

In order to begin afresh in the new normal, hoteliers have to pull up their socks as it is going to take a world of efforts to win back the trust and loyalty of existing as well as potential customers. The best hotel management colleges in India are preparing their students for the highly publicized ‘New Normal’. Some of the best hotel management colleges in Delhi have already started catering to a rational experience with respect to their students post COVID-19. Strategizing a plan that ensures contactless and social distancing cordial services, is a need of the hour. Also, in order to harness a steady flow of revenue, every concerned person has to play a pivotal role in putting the Hotel Industry back on track. 

Here are some of the key points on how the hotel industry needs to reshape operations post COVID-19:

  • Enhance cleanliness in all the respective areas and prioritize guest safety on top of everything. Most probably, the act of blocking middle seats in sitting areas can be a good way to maintain social distancing. The staff also need to ensure that the customers trust the hotel’s safety standards in order to experience an enjoyable stay.
  • Substitutes for restaurants and bars should be brought into vogue so that there is minimum contact amidst people, thereby eliminating any chance of Coronavirus spread. Minibars can prove to be a great substitute in the aforementioned scenario.
  • The provision of minibars shall not only ensure safety but also account for a steady flow of revenue.
  • With respect to the fresh delivery of products, minibar operators and product vendors can be contacted. This will increase employment opportunities, thereby providing a steady source of income to many families.
  • Pre-made meal offers should be made available to the customers so that they can purchase their brunch with ease. Hoteliers can stay a step ahead by placing the food in the minibar of the respective customer’s room prior to their arrival.
  • Easily accessible online menu should be provided to the customers so that they can order anything without coming in contact with anyone. Bar codes should be provided in each room for the ease of payment.
  • Hotels should use UV lights and special medical-grade cleaning materials approved by the public health department.
  • Since the World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that the virus could be airborne too, there should be an optimum flow of fresh and recycled air via the air-conditioning system, throughout the hotel’s premise.
  • The use of digital gadgets should be appreciated as well as catalyzed. Hence, all hotel management students are prepped up to become fluent in services that bank upon the aspect of digitization.
  • The wearing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for staff and usage of sealable laundry and garbage bags should be mandated in all hotels. Much desired changes in laundry operations and garbage disposal protocols, should be tended to.
  • With respect to the new public health measures, the best hotel management colleges in India are teaching their students apt techniques, strategies, and approaches to win back their most frequent customers, thereby steering back on track. The Post-Covid world establishes itself on an entirely new premise and all aspects of it need to be taken into account, in order to make the best of the time that’s yet to come.

Adherence to the aforementioned shall enable the hotel industry to reshape itself into something substantial in the Post-COVID world. The path to achieve back the mentioned normalcy is tougher than one expects it to be. But do remember that extraordinary students hailing from prestigious hotel management colleges in India, shall prove to be an asset in this scenario. With time, everything is destined to fall back in place.