After the havoc created by the COVID-19 pandemic, life is gradually getting back on track. States are unlocking the aspect of their economy in phases and reputed organizations are following their footsteps. There has been an upsurge in unemployment due to the lockdown imposed throughout the nation. But at the moment, life is returning back to normal and although it will take some time to normalize the situation at hand, we will eventually succeed!

Big companies like Google, Microsoft, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Ericsson are open to the prospect of hiring software engineers from the best BTech colleges in Delhi. They are, at the moment, hunting for the best talent, in the aforementioned field.

Here is a list of latest job opportunities in the field of software engineering that students can apply for. What follows is the Holy Grail for students who hail from top BTech colleges in Delhi.

A brief description of  the desired requirements that Premier Organizations are looking for: 

Eligibility criteria for Software Engineer, Android at Google

With respect to Google, a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Electrical or Computer Engineering, or similar practical experience is desired. A person with Professional working experience in the mobile industry, who possesses a good knowledge of programming in C, C++, Java, and/ or Python, is deemed to be apt. He/she is also required to have 5 years of relevant work experience that encompasses competencies in data structures, algorithms, or API design. Additional experience in automating and scaling web or mobile back-ends and also, full-stack or back-end application development, shall also not go amiss. A thorough knowledge of mobile application development in Android and sensing technologies, is also deemed necessary. 

Eligibility criteria for Software Engineer at Microsoft

Microsoft scans for experience in DevOps practices and agile software methodologies. The aforementioned encircles expertise to design, estimate, and implement solutions. Secondly, the ability to conceptualize ideas and deliver on the same, frequently and regularly, is much desired. A good understanding of SQL, big data, no-SQL, et al come in handy. The potential candidate must possess an apt experience in Python, C#, and other languages. A person with an understanding of cloud-based application development accounts to be a potential candidate. If he/she possesses the mindset that caters to the development of secure applications along with harboring a panache for AI, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision, then you’re the engineer that Microsoft is looking for!

Eligibility criteria for Software Engineer at JP Morgan

JP Morgan prefers a candidate who possesses an advanced knowledge of application, data, and infrastructure architecture disciplines. He/she should have an understanding of architecture and design along with harboring immense proficiency in developmental toolsets and knowledge of technology, trends, and practices that dominate the industry. Proficiency in achieving organizational goals, by playing along with the rest of the team is much desired. He/she should be passionate enough to blend in an innovative culture that JP Morgan is vocal of. A person with an understanding of software skills such as business analysis, development, maintenance, and software improvement, accounts to be the perfect JP Morgan candidate.

Eligibility criteria for Software Engineer- Cloud Enablement at Goldman Sachs

A person with experience in architecture, designing, and developing applications in an Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure cloud environment, is eligible for a position in Goldman Sachs. Experience in microservice design patterns and frameworks (e.g. Spring Boot) and other serverless platforms (e.g. AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions), is much desired. The candidate must possess an expertise in code tools (e.g. Terraform, CloudFormation) and should have sound knowledge of Java, Groovy, Python, or golang. Also, meeting demands that encircle high availability and scale, is requisite. 

Eligibility criteria for Software Engineer at Nokia

A person with a minimum of 2 years of relevant R&D Testing experience of Telco grade products, can apply for a position at Nokia. He/she should possess a great working knowledge of networking protocols, tracing tools and testing knowledge on any 5G Network. A strong working knowledge of automation framework, along with good programming skills in Python are preferred. Proficiency in analytical and debugging skills is much desired. The candidate must harbor working knowledge in areas of the likes of HTTP/2, JSON, Docker/ Container/ PODs, Kubernetes, Openstack, VMware.

We hope that the information encircling eligibility criteria for the post of ‘Software engineer’ in the aforementioned companies, might come handy to the ambitious. So, why wait, when you can apply for the mentioned posts right now and seize the moment!