Quick Tips to Crack JEE Main 2018

Last year 1,186,454 candidates appeared in the toughest Engineering Entrance test of India (JEE Mains)
Only 221,427 candidates got qualified for the JEE Advanced Exam, out of this huge number!.

The number itself says that among the large pool of PCM students, preparing for and looking forward to sitting for the JEE Mains examination, only a few students (around 20%) manage to qualify with their well-managed strategies and sheer-focus.

Less than 4 days are left to prepare for this highly competitive entrance exam, but as you know that until the last moment we have the chance to come out as a winner. So you can always think of a well-defined plan that is helpful enough to utilize each and every second.

So as you all know about this fierce and cut-throat competition, your focus should be on retrieving and utilizing all the preparation done for the Board Exams, because they are the key to move ahead and all the principles of solving tricky questions of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are based upon them. Though everyone says that abandon social activities when preparing for JEE Mains, but this is not the solution to achieve results.

Your course of action should be to manage the time efficiently and strategically with very realistic goals and your study plan should ensure that on the regular intervals equal attention is given to the leisure activities for the mental strength. During the exam, the most important thing is to give special attention to the clock, so that you don’t spend more than the required amount of time on any question.

Going through each subject with equal time allotted during the preparation is most important, most of the candidates make a very common mistake while focusing on only two subjects instead you should have a plan to give equal time to each subject and ensuring that similar amount of hard work is done on each subject, helping you to score 150+ marks in JEE Mains 2018.

For these 4 days, the focus should be on to revise all the syllabus already completed, because most students waste time when they try to learn new tricks and hence don’t get them on their tips, as each question has to be solved within very less amount of time.

The benefit of revising all the syllabus is that when we ensure everything that had been studied earlier is on our tips, it provides immense confidence to face the questions with no two ways about their solution formulas.

Practice + Revision = Success

Taking a number of mock tests is the key to get familiar with the time allotment to each question and hence organizing the time efficiently. The mock test brings a couple of benefits, increasing your speed and also the ability to switch between the questions, doing multitasking, calculations etc. The mock tests help to get a very good grasp of the pattern of the paper and thus boosting the confidence immensely.

You should always know which question is for you and which is not because each wrong answer results into the negative marking thus one should also focus on doing a bit of meditation and yoga. Including almonds and healthy fats which are very beneficial for the working of brain and thus helping to make decisions between choices for the answers.

By following and including these minor changes, you surely can perform much better and get admission in top engineering college. We wish you all the very best!

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