Short term Certificate Courses at School of Art and Architecture, Sushant University are open to students and professionals. The courses add value to participants' skills and knowledge, offering a rich number of possibilities to learn from the wide expertise of our faculty members. The courses include input of external experts from industry and academia, invited to conduct guest sessions. This opens up collaborative avenues with our alumni as well, who have established themselves in architecture and allied fields. The courses are conducted in May, July and January every year.


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Step 1 : Visit the SAA Certificate Courses webpage at https://sushantuniversity.edu.in/s4/

Step 2 : Select Course(s), and go to ABOUT COURSE.

Step 3 :Click on Register Now.


About Certificate Courses?

Welcome to SAA Certificate Courses. Our intent is to provide exceptional educational opportunities in summer in support of the University's academic courses with great study opportunities to fulfill the goal. The Certificate Courses at SAA, Sushant University have great opportunities for participants to gain valuable learning experience that go far beyond structured classrooms. The program serves the student and professional community by providing faculty with teaching opportunities that allow them to experiment with new materials and teaching methods. Students and professionals take advantage of the course offerings to update themselves in both profession and academics along with expanding their cultural, social, and intellectual horizons.

When are Certificate Courses scheduled?

There are four courses scheduled for July.

For further details on Certificate Courses. Click here .

How do I know if the Course is right for me?

Our courses vary in their content, teaching methods, level, and approach. Carefully review the course description pages, which include a description of course content, objectives, format (lecture, laboratory work, group work), and level of difficulty. If you are still unsure about whether a course is right for you, please contact us.

Who conducts the Certificate Courses?

Our Certificate Courses are conducted by the SAA faculty and distinguished professionals who have made significant contributions to their fields. Course descriptions provide additional detail on instructors.

If I am not a student at SAA, can I still enroll in Certificate Courses?

Yes, the Certificate Courses are open to all students who have passed 12th grade or equivalent.

If I am not a Professional, can I still enroll in Certificate Courses?

Yes, professionals are welcome to join the Certificate Courses. For further details on Certificate Courses. Click here .

How does one register for the Certificate Course?

Registration Process is very simple.

Is there any criteria for admission to the Certificate Course?

There are no general admission requirements, though a few courses may have prerequisites. Please refer to specific Course Details.

Can I participate in more than one Certificate Course at the same time?

Yes. As most Courses are planned with no overlapping dates, participants may join more than one course.

Is it possible to transfer to another course after registration?

No, students cannot change course(s) after allotment.

What is the Course fees and payment mode?

Most Courses are offered with no registration fees unless specified in Course details.

Does Certificate Course have Refund Policy?

SAA has formulated a refund policy applicable to all students and professionals registering for Certificate Courses. The quantum of refund varies and depends on the time frame in which courses are withdrawn from, declined or dropped. For more information on the refund policy please click here .

Online application for refund can be made from the student dashboard in SAA website.

What will participant get after successful completion of the Certificate Course?

On successful completion of the course, SAA, External students and Professionals are awarded a Certificate of Successful Completion of Course, as per rules. Participants are expected to follow the University rules during their respective courses.

How can I contact SAA for more information and queries regarding the Certificate Courses?

You can write to us at  shortcourses.ssaa@sushantuniversity.edu.in

You may also refer the SAA webpage for more information by visiting https://sushantuniversity.edu.in/s4/