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I certify that the information on this application is correct. False information or omission of data may result in denial of admission or dismissal. I will make myself familiar and comply with provisions of Ansal University Policies and Regulations obtainable from the University website,

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  3. I agree to pay the applicable tuition fees set out on prior to the commencement and subsequent semesters of the nominated studies. Additionally, I/we agree to be jointly or severally liable to the debt arising from fees owing.
  4. I agree that when I am accepted for enrolment in Ansal university, I must comply with and ensure that the student complies with the terms and conditions of enrolment and Ansal University Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct.
  5. I understand and consent that personal information provided by the student to Ansal University may be made available to the health insurance provider, to State agencies and or contractors, engaged by Ansal University to provide advice or services in connection with any aspect of Ansal University’s international students program or operation.
  6. I hereby consent to being contacted by Ansal University by text message, email or other electronic means and note that I/we may, at any time, opt out of being contacted by any such electronic means by contacting Ansal University and so advising.

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