Soft Skill Programs

Employers consistently rank soft skills as the most important criterion when considering candidates for employment. But the lack of soft skills has been cited as the most critical issue among graduates across all disciplines. In fact, the issue of employability besieges our country like never before. In this situation, it becomes imperative to integrate soft skills trainings with the curriculum.

In an endeavour to remove the skills gaps and with the objective of creating market-ready professionals, Sushant University has embedded soft skills trainings within the academic curriculum, assigning it weekly classes, mandatory credits and compulsory evaluation for all the Schools across the campus, so as to prepare and empower the students for the professional field and personal life.

This training module of Soft Skills has been devised after extensive research, industry feedback and professional experience of the Soft Skills team in a way that makes the learners achieve quick progress.

The pedagogy adopted is a unique blend of classroom teaching along with interactive and engaging activities. The trainers are highly experienced experts who facilitate hands-on learning in the classroom. The students embark on a journey to know themselves better and improve their confidence to face the professional challenges ahead.

The key focus areas of the trainings include:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Goal Setting and Time Management
  • Personal grooming and professional Etiquettes
  • Communication and Presentation skills
  • Team Building
  • Overall personality development

By making soft skills trainings as a mandatory part of the curriculum for the students, the University strives to enhance their employability and industry-acceptance by overall personality grooming and development.


 FDP on ‘Creating synergy’ and ‘Enhancing well-being @work’ 



Centre for Soft Skills, Sushant University, conducted a Faculty Development Program for the faculty and staff of School Of Business on "Together we can achieve more" on Thursday, 24th March. The Centre emphasizes learning through active participation, which encompasses a wide range of activities, discussions and experiential learning methods.